Hey there! I'm Kim & welcome to my little space in the world.

I'm a simple girl in Texas that loves her family, food, traveling & documenting the chaos that I call life. I also kind of love football. And good coffee. Oh, and dogs!


My family is my "why". My photography journey started somewhere between the birth of my older boys and the birth of my twin boys. I think the twins really set fire to my passion. Life with one baby is tough. Life with two (and two older ones) is just...a mess. My husband and I were drowning, we were exhausted, we wanted sleep and I just didn't want to forget any of it. I started picking up my camera daily to try and capture every memory I could. The big milestones (smiles, sitting up, walking, etc...), but particularly the details that life lets you forget. That sticky cheerio on that sweet chubby face, the way they would curl their toes when they ate, the rolls in their arms and legs that seemed to lean out before I could blink. The way they laid their head on our shoulders, the way their eyes would light up with their big brothers would enter the room, their tiny hands in mine. Even the tantrums and big tears and the way they let the dogs lick their noses. Those are my whys. Not just for my family, but for yours too.


All of it matters. The imperfections, the chaos, the messiness, the emotions, the connections. It all matters.

Let's document it. Let's make art that makes you remember. Makes you feel all the feels.


Kimberly Milano

Kimberly Milano is a natural light photographer based out of Prosper, TX. She serves the entire DFW area including McKinney, Frisco, Celina, Plano, Little Elm, Aubrey, Allen, Wylie, Richardson, & Dallas.


Kimberly Milano specializes in newborn, child, senior & family photography.